Canadian Man Turns Up Alive Months After Family Buried Him

An 80-year-old pianist who has been reported missing since August is believed to have been wrongly buried in a bizarre mistaken identity case.

Scott Cushnie, who vanished without a trace several months ago, may have been buried by another family who was looking for a missing loved-one at the same time the pianist disappeared.

The 80-year-old, known as 'Professor Piano', played alongside the likes of Aerosmith and Ronnie Hawkins. He went missing in August after a power outage in his local neighborhood.

His friends joined local police in a frantic search but months were still looking for answers until last week when another man turned up alive months after his family thought they buried him.

Police now believe Cushnie may have accidentally been buried by the family after a bizarre series of events.

According to local media, in August ambulance drivers spotted a man falling on the road and attempted to take him to hospital but he died en route.

Police then called a family who mistakenly identified the body as their missing loved one and made funeral arrangements.

A friend of Cushnie's Andrea Reid told the BBC she had received a call from police explaining what they believe may have happened to the missing pianist.

Reid said the news had in some ways come as a relief for Cushnie's friends who were still desperately searching for answers.

"He was a man with an incredible sense of humour... if he had read about this story he would have had a laugh," she told the BBC.

A coroner is understood to be in the process of exhuming and identifying the body.

The other family has not been identified due to privacy concerns, local media reports.

Featured Image: Facebook: Scott Cushnie