Mystery Man Backflips Naked Into Shark Tank

There's taking the time to experience nature, and then there's this.

A man decided to jump into a 2.9 million litre shark tank to have a swim with the predators inside ... completely naked.

The tank is the largest exhibit at the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, Canada and is home to sea turtles, sharks and the occasional naked human.

Image: Youtube/ Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada.

Visitors to the aquarium were shocked when they were able to catch a full-frontal glimpse of the man's genitals as he paddled around the tank.

At one point, the man left the exhibit, but quickly returned by performing a backflip.

Aquarium security were less than impressed, of course. Once the man had left the water, they ordered him to leave the aquarium.

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Local police haven't been able to locate him since he left the aquarium. He could be charged with trespassing and indecent exposure ... if he is ever found.

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