Snake Falls From The Sky During Staff Meeting

It started off just like any other day at work.

Staff at a bank in Nanning in southern China gathered for a meeting when a python slipped down from the ceiling to join them.

The terrifying moment where the 1.5 metre creature literally fell from the sky  between two employees was captured on CCTV footage. There were a few moments of hesitation while the workers comprehended what was happening, followed by a frantic dash away from the snake.

Once the snake hit the floor, began making its away around the room.

Soon after the snake made itself known, a wildlife protection group came to the rescue. The snake was caught and taken to a local animal protection centre.

It's still a mystery how the snake entered the building in the first place.

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Nanning city however, is known in China for its biodiversity. Due to its warm climate a diverse number of animals and plants live in the region.

And pythons are apparently one such species.

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