He Punched His 'Life-Long-Friend' And It Cost Him And The Company $1.8 Million

Clive Bellman was left with brain damage after he was punched.

The sales manager will receive damages over the incident which occurred almost seven years ago, after unsuccessfully suing the company in 2016.

According to UK media, the court heard the 62-year-old suffered catastrophic brain injury included a fractured skull, forcing him to have a metal plate installed in his head.

The violent altercation, which is understood to have occurred at the Hilton Hotel in Northampton after an earlier office party at a golf club, began as a "heated, work-related discussion" which led to Bellman being punched twice by his boss and lifelong-friend John Major.

The sales manager reportedly fell and hit head on the marble floor after the second punch, UK media reported.

Bellman "went straight back like a falling tree," appeal judges were told, according to the BBC.

Earlier this week a court found Northampton Recruitment Ltd was "vicariously liable" for Major's actions, because the now 59-year-old had been "wearing his hat" as the managing director when the assault occurred.

The ruling reversed a 2016 decision which found the company not liable because the assault had apparently occurred after the official Christmas party had wrapped up.

The exact sum of damages to be award to Bellman has not yet been calculated, however his lawyers have reportedly claimed the payout will be above $1.8 million AUD.

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