Get Your Hands On Marie Antoinette's Jewels At Historic Sotheby's Exhibit

The collection, to be auctioned in Geneva next month, includes a diamond pendant with a natural pearl estimated to be valued $1-2 million.

She was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution, executed by guillotine after being convicted of high treason in 1793.

Infamous for her lavish spending and disparaging remarks about the country's poor, Marie Antoinette's personal ornaments are the stuff of legend (even if her politics were questionable).

And before she was sent to prison to ultimately meet her fate, the Austrian-born monarch ensured her prized jewelry collection was kept in safe hands.

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"There are records of her wrapping these jewels and sending them off [before she went to prison]," Frank Everett, Senior VP and Sales Director for Jewelry at Sotheby's New Yok, told the AP on Friday.

"I think they went first to Belgium and then ended up in Austria, where she was from."

The jewellery has since been privately collected and not exhibited for 200 years.

Marie-Antoinette (1755-1793), German engraving. (Getty Images)

Sotheby's is playing host to the Fine Jewels exhibition this week, with visitors to their Upper East Side showroom allowed to try on the precious stones.

Items include a diamond pendant with an oversize natural pearl estimated to be valued at $1-2 million, a diamond ring with Marie Antoinette's initials (that still contains a lock of her hair) plus a sparkling tiara.

"This is really the holy grail of jewelry provenance. I can't imagine it getting any better," raved Everett.

The eventual sale of the Royal Jewels, provided by the House of Bourbon-Parma, is set to take place in Geneva on November 14.