New York Allows Gender 'X' On Birth Certificates Without Doctor Approval

New York City has legalised a neutral gender on birth certificates for people who do not identify as male or female.

The changes to the laws mean only a personal affidavit is that is required to legally change their gender on their birth certificate.

The move respects the "freedom" of all people, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told media on Tuesday during a signing ceremony for the bill.

"If anyone hears the word 'freedom,' regardless of their ideology, or their partisan affiliation... here's just another powerful example of actually respecting that right to freedom in everyone," he said.

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Having to go to a doctor is an unnecessary and potentially hurtful step for those living with mismatched gender identification, said transgender activist Tanya Asapansa-Johnson Walker.

Being called the wrong name and pronouns was a fear Walker told the press conference she lived with throughout her time at college.

"I would sit at the back of the class by the door because I was afraid he was going to call my birth name and gender," she said.

Younger generations not having to endure such indignities is a an excellent step forward for New Yorkers, Walker said.

"This change may seem small but this is monumental for so many people," she said.

New York eased requirements for people to change their gender from male to female and vice versa back in 2014.

It is the fifth jurisdiction in the U.S. to add a third gender to birth certificates after California, Oregon, Washington state and New Jersey.

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