Peruvian Police Burn 22 Tonnes Of Drugs

Peruvian police have destroyed nearly 22 tonnes of drugs seized in the third raid conducted by authorities this year.

The 22 tonnes burnt on Wednesday came as a result of just four months of searching and seizing illicit substances across the country.

Cocaine made up over 18 tonnes of the seized amount, while marijuana made up 1.8 tonnes and opium and heroin hydrochloride made up 2.7 tonnes.

A plethora of plastic bags containing the substances were transported to the burning site where officials tested the cocaine to verify it was in fact cocaine.

They also tested the drug for purity.

Just look at all those bags. Image: AP.

Officers burnt the drugs while wearing specially manufactured suits designed to be protective for the drug-burning venture. A large incinerator, which was donated to Peru by the United States, was used to carry out the task.

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The incinerator was donated by the U.S. Image: AP.

Cocaine production in Peru largely occurs in the Valle de los Rios Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro (VRAEM) in the south central Andes.

While there has been significant military operations in the area to curb cocaine production, the drug continues to be made. The VRAEM area is also subject to international drug cartel operations by groups from Colombia and Brazil.

Featured Image: AP.

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