A Mystery Object Washed Up On A Beach, But What Is It?

A foamy, mystery object washed up on a beach on Seabrook Island in South Carolina but no one has any idea what it is.

While the state's authorities are still trying to work out what the object might be, there have been plenty of theories deliberating this exact question.

The object is taller than the woman standing next to it, and it's cylindrical.

Those are the only clues we have.

While it looks pretty sturdy, the people from the The Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network say it's actually quite soft and foamy in texture.

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Many are calling it space junk but others had more complex theories about what the foamy thing might be.

"I saw it this morning on my walk. Maybe I was the first one to see it. I assume it was a buoy, but could also be the remains of an alien spaceship," Facebook user Jennifer Passantino.

Other guesses included a broken buoy or anchor, a septic tank or a part from a NASA rocket or shuttle. Some even suggested it was once part of the Challenger space shuttle's external tank.

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One person even mused the object could have been part of the Millennium Falcon -- a fictional starship from the Star Wars franchise. Some guessed what the child in all of us was thinking and said it was aliens.

Another offered a super practical suggestion by claiming the mystery object is what's called a Donut Fender. A Donut Fender is a device used to turn large objects in the water like boats or larger ships. It slips onto a steel pipe and floats -- hence the foam on its exterior.

But, even some people disagreed with that and said it looked like some other industrial object.

Authorities are yet to determine what the object actually is and so we are still waiting for answers.

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