The Heartbreaking Story Behind This Viral Photo

She was sitting on a bench sobbing when a photographer approached her.

The photographer was covering the protests surrounding Judge Kavanaugh winning the vote by slim margins in the US Senate on Saturday.

The proceedings were interrupted by protesters who were repeatedly crying out “Shame!”

He and his supporters are hoping to put accusations of sexual assault behind him. But not the women who have for weeks -- and months, even years -- been fighting against him.

A photographer captured a moment in Capitol Hill in Washington, a heartbreaking moment that sums up how so many women are feeling: hopeless, ignored, and tired of fighting. 

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Mary Mathis, with outlet NPR, approached a woman who was in tears on a park bench. When asked for her name, she responded: “How are we going to find the strength to keep fighting?”

“I was speechless,” Mathis wrote on Facebook.

“Are we going to be out here for another 30 years? I don’t have 30 years left.”

The photo has since been shared thousands of times on social media, attracting responses from women, both young and old.

“We are all her,” said one woman.

"The struggle feels too much. I’m pretty down right now.”

Kavanaugh’s confirmation comes after Dr Christine Blasey Ford accused the now Supreme Court justice of trying to rape her when they were teenagers. Two other women came forward with claims of misconduct, while countless survivors of sexual assault shared their stories.

Their fight to be heard appeared drowned out. But a glimmer of hope came from the young photographer's response: "I'll be here. I'll keep fighting."

Featured image: Twitter via Shannon Watts (Credit: Mary Mathis)