Monkey See, Monkey Do: Cheeky Animal Filmed Driving Bus In India

A bus driver has been suspended after a monkey was filmed taking the wheel of his vehicle.

The cheeky monkey reportedly commandeered the vehicle after getting on the bus with another passenger, and refusing to sit anywhere else but up the front.

A now viral video from the unusual bus trip appears to show some of the other passengers laughing while the creature simultaneously sits on and steers the wheel, even keeping his hands in the correct '10 and two'  position.

While it's unclear whether the creature had any licence or registration on him, the video also appears to show the human driver helping him along, keeping one hand on the steering wheel.

But local transport authorities were less than impressed by the monkey business, and have since suspended the driver.

"As safety of passengers is paramount, a driver cannot risk the life of passengers by allowing a monkey to sit on the steering and handle it,” a spokesperson from Karnataka State Road Transport Service told local media.

It's unclear what the punishment for a monkey driving without a licence is, but it's understood all public transport passengers are required to remain seated at all times when the vehicle is in motion.

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