Clown Attacks, The Terrifying 2016 Trend, Are Back

Police in the UK are worried the 'Killer Clown' trend of 2016 is resurfacing after reports two teenage boys were chased by a person dressed in a clown costume.

The concerned mother of one of the boys has told UK media the man was wearing a half-mask, clown top, black trousers and red trainers.

She claimed after the teenagers ran away the clown "sat on the floor, laughing and banging his wooden bat."

"My son was really shook up and upset," Kent Online quoted the mother as saying.

Police in Sittingbourne, south-east England, have confirmed to local media that they received the report but said they were unable to find a suspect matching the description.

The disturbing trend appears to be inspired from Stephen King's 'It'. Image: AAP

A spokesperson for the local council said they were concerned the clown craze would be occurring again.

"This was happening last year coming up to Halloween as was something going around on YouTube," Councillor James Hunt told Kent Online.

The bizarre trend emerged globally in 2016 with people dressing up in clown  costumes and stalking, chasing and threatening people in the streets.

The costume worn in a 2016 incident in Perth (AAP Image/WA POLICE)

The disturbing craze even spread to Australia with police forced to issue stern warnings to anyone attempting to 'copy cat' the trend which became notorious at a string of US universities.

Featured Image: AAP