Surgeon Operates On Eight-Year-Old Patient's Teddy Bear

A Canadian surgeon has performed a daring operation, single handedly saving the life of a teddy bear. 

While not well-versed in bear anatomy, neurosurgeon Dr Daniel McNeely from IWK Health Centre in Nova Scotia Canada, managed to repair the tear in the bear's side.

The toy belongs to eight-year-old Jackson McKie who has a brain condition. Dr McNeely has been one of the boy's main surgeons since he was born.

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"Patient asks if I can also fix a teddy bear just before being put off to sleep... how could I say no?" McNeely wrote on Twitter.

Oxygen was given to the bear and the tear under his arm was delicately sown up without the assistance of any anesthetic.

The good news is both the bear and young Jackson are well and recovering  speedily from their respective operations.

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