Watch This Lion Escape From A Crocodile's Jaws

Tourists in Kruger National Park in South Africa caught a rare moment on camera when a lion almost became a snack for a snappy crocodile

A proud lion strutting his stuff thought he could make it across a crocodile-infested river in a snap but just as he had almost made it to the other side, a hungry croc decided it was dinner time.

Image: Maletti Fabio

Dodging the lightning-fast crocodile, the lion flicked around and swiped the croc just as it surfaced.

Crocodiles in the area can grow up to six metres long, while a male lion usually measures in at three.

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Image: Maletti Fabio

The incredible near miss was caught on camera by Maletti Fabio, settling the question of who is the better predator.

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