Workers Suspended For Dumping Hot Water On Homeless Man

Two employees at a Dunkin' Donuts shop in New York have been suspended after one dumped water on a homeless man who had nodded off as his mobile phone was charging.

Both workers the proceeded to laugh about the act.

The video, apparently captured on Sunday night in Siracuse and posted on social media, showed a young man with his head down on a table in a mostly empty store, when a worker pours a jug of water on him.

"How many times have I got to tell you to stop sleeping in here," said the worker, who added a profanity. The employee and another person not in the video can be heard laughing as the man gathered up his wet belongings.

The person shown in the video was identified on a fundraising page as Jeremy Youngs. The fundraiser, set up to help him in the wake of the encounter, surpassed US$1,100 by Monday afternoon (local time).

A homeless advocate stopped by the store to object to the man's treatment and threatened a boycott if management didn't address the issue, according to

The scenario prompted a demonstration of roughly 20 people outside the store, with one protester carrying a sign reading 'Homeless Lives Matter', according to a local radio radio station.

Featured image: Facebook via Samuel Breazeale