Footage Shows People Desperately Trying To Warn Others Of Impending Tsunami

Harrowing footage of the first wave of the Indonesian tsunami shows people desperately trying to warn others of the impending wave.

More than 800 people have been confirmed dead in the wake of the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami, which struck on Friday.

There are fears the final death toll could be higher.

The footage, which is making the rounds on social media, shows an unidentified man screaming to those below him to get to higher ground.

In the distance, the impending wave can be seen barreling towards the shoreline as terrified people race up stairs to find higher ground.

Unsuspecting cars and motorbikes drive along the road in front of the car park from where the footage in filmed.

Image: Getty Images.

As the wave makes landfall, it demolishes the buildings, pushing them on to the now flooded road. Cars and motorbikes pile up as the road becomes impossible to drive along.

Screams can be heard as the man makes his way through the darkened car park, as water begins to flood in.

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Image: Getty Images.

Making his way back outside, the man films the ocean, which has receded, as those watching seem to wait for the second wave to hit.

More than 400 have died following the tsunami that tore through the island of Sulawesi.

Feature Image: Getty Images