Rapist Who Built Hiding Place In Kitchen Cupboard Arrested By Police

Spanish police have arrested one of Europe's most wanted fugitives who had been on the run for more than 12 years. 

Police discovered Esteban Vacas García, 49, in a hiding place that he had built into a cupboard in the kitchen of his childhood home.

García had been on the run since he was convicted of repeatedly raping his then partner's 15-year-old daughter in 2006.

Just days before he was due to be handed a 16-year prison sentence, he disappeared and has been running from police ever since.

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But on Wednesday, officers from the Spanish National Police managed to pin him down. They tracked him to an address in Salamanca in north-western Spain.

“He was finally found in Salamanca, where he had been living in the family home where he grew up, only leaving the property on rare occasions and always in the early hours of the morning,” Police said in a statement.

Gracia was arrested has his family home. Image: Policia Nacional

"Officers went to the property with a court order. Once there, they found that the fugitive had built a hiding place under the kitchen counter in which to hide himself when the police arrived.”

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Initially, police believed he fled to the south of Spain or had left the country altogether. They kept secret watch of García's friends and family in the time that he has been missing for any clues related to his whereabouts.

It was a public appeal however, that made a real difference. Police released García's photograph to the public in 2016 which eventually lead them to his family home.

Featured Image: Policia Nacional

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