Man Chases Plane Down Runway, Pleads For Pilot To Wait

He reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy wanted to go to Amsterdam and nothing was going to stop him.

It's every traveller's worst nightmare and on Thursday it happened to 23-year-old Patrick Kehoe.

He missed his flight from Dublin to Amsterdam.

More like Amster-damn.

Anyway, while he and another women were trying to persuade Ryanair staff at the gate to let them on the plane, Kehoe got a little agitated and started banging on the airport windows, pleading for the aircraft to stop.

Desperate to catch his flight, Kehoe broke through the gate door and bolted towards the aircraft.  The BBC reports he charged towards the plane while shouting at the pilot to wait for him.

Ryanair staff managed to catch him and pin him to the tarmac until Police arrived.

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The man broke through the door to chase the plane. Image: AAP.

Police took Keheo to Ballymun Police Station for questioning and was later charged with criminal damage to a door lock.

He was granted bail and will appear in court in November and probably won't be going to Amsterdam any time soon.

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