Outrage After Footage Of Young Boy Receiving A Tattoo Shared Online

Footage of a young child apparently getting a tattoo is causing outrage on social media.

Ohio woman Storm Harrington posted the video to Facebook, which shows the young boy receiving a tattoo on his right arm while sitting on the lap of a woman who appears to be his mother.

The boy, who Harrington says is nine-years-old, is repeatedly prevented from looking at the tattoo by his mother.

When the tattoo artist grabs a cloth to wipe off the extra ink, as is usual in a tattoo procedure, the boy asks: "He has to wipe the whole thing off?"

"The extra ink," the woman replies.

"Oh. Okay. I thought he meant the whole thing," the boy replies.

Footage of the tattoo procedure was shared to Facebook. Photo: Storm Harrington.

In Ohio, it is illegal for a person under the age of 18 to get a tattoo without the consent of a parent of legal guardian, although there is no minimum age. In such cases, the consenting individual is required to be in person at the time the procedure is performed and to sign a document that provides informed consent.

The video has been viewed almost a million times since it was uploaded on Monday.

It appears to have been posted by a woman who knows the mother and child in the video. Ten daily has reached out to confirm.

"[The boy] is not old enough to know what he wants or to make any kind of decision like this," Harrington said in her post.

"You [the mother] are a truly worthless parent for this."

The tattoo reportedly received by the nine-year-old child. Photo: Jaedyn Ford / Facebook.

The video has attracted plenty of outrage, being described as "f**ked up" and "awful".

"Everybody in this video should be in trouble," wrote on person, Kristina Defibaugh.

"What the hell is wrong with them."

Another woman who says she is the cousin of the nine-year-old boy, Jaeydn Ford, claims that the tattoo artist is a 15-year-old teenager.

"The police are trying to say nothing can be done," she said.

"Someone please help me get these babies away from their... mom."

Ford has also been contacted for comment.

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Lead image: Storm Harrington