Venice Considering Alcohol Ban To Deal With Drunken Tourists

One of Europe's most popular tourist cities may introduce a blanket alcohol ban after nightfall, with residents fed-up with drunk tourists in public.

Venice, in northern Italy, is famous for its canals, art and architecture, and attracts more than 20 million visitors each year.

But for the 50,000 residents who call Venice home, boorish tourist behaviour is becoming a trying issue.

Residents are getting tired of tourists drinking and partying in public places, and now the local council is floating a flat-out ban on carrying alcohol in the streets after 7pm -- even if the alcohol is in a shopping bag.

Venice has some of the strictest regulations of any city in Europe. Photo: Getty.

The measure is due to be voted on in October, reports the BBC, covering alcohol that is "transported for consumption" in a public place without a "justified reason".

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Local police commander Marco Agostini said the law would not be targeting people leaving supermarkets with alcohol, reports Italian news agency Ansa, but for dunk people who have "a bag with three bottles of beer."

It comes just days after Venice announced the even more controversial measure of fining people anywhere from €50 ($AU 80) to €500 ($AU 809) for sitting or lying down in public.

As per The Guardian, authorities are considering banning music on boats, and it is already an offence to swim in the canals (a €450 fine), wear swimwear or go topless, including men (€200), feed the birds (€50-€200) or use or wheel a bicycle through the streets (€100).

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