Incredible Vision Of A Baby Orangutan Born Via C-Section

Doctors used to delivering human babies had to give nature a helping hand when a 36-year-old Sumatran orangutan started struggling during birth.

As Daisy went into labor early, complications started to arise that led the team at Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas to call on the help of doctors at a local hospital to help save the lives of mother and baby.

When labor became dangerously delayed, specialised OB-GYN Dr Janna Chirby and Dr Laura Whisler stepped in and immediately began a cesarean section, a procedure the doctors had only ever performed on humans.

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Baby Lily is now happy and healthy with mum Daisy. Image: AP

Just a few minutes after surgery, both primates were doing well, much to the relief of zoo keepers.

Although it's common for zoos to reach out to non-veterinary doctors for occasional help, this is the first time that a great ape has required a surgical C-Section in Sedgwick County.

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The new arrivals name is Lily and after a few weeks in quarantine, both mum and baby are doing well.

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