'Good Hitler' Running For Mayor Against Lennin

The small Peruvian town of Yungar is making headlines around the world for its mayoral elections.

Hitler Alba Sanchez is running for office against Lennin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverde and the strange coincidence on names is not lost on the candidates.

Alba is running for the We Are Peru party, and his campaign slogans "Hitler returns" and "Hitler with the people" can be spotted on murals and posters around the town.

Alba insists that his parent's choice of name does not have anything to do with the Nazi leader -- they simply liked the "foreign" sounding name and did not know the history of Adolf Hitler.

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"In the 80s it started to spread and well, they named me 'Hitler'," he told Reuters.

"They didn't really know the whole story from the original Hitler."

He told Reuters he had considered changing his name, but eventually learnt to accept it.

"He is the good Hitler," a supporter of Alba's said.

Alba has previously been in office, he was mayor between 2011 and 2014.

Rodriguez has already made swift political moves in the run-up to the election by trying to block Alba's inscription as a candidate, but this was rejected by electoral authorities last week.

Image: Central European News

Alba believes his political opponents are trying to cause controversy by choosing an opponent named Lennin.

Yungar goes to the polls on October 7.

Choosing foreign sounding names is not new in Peru, last year a juvenile Peruvian national team had a player listed as Osama Vinladen.

Feature Image: Central European News