Weather Presenter Claps Back At Caller Who Complained About Her 'Unnatural' Hair

Meteorologist Corallys Ortiz has written a passionate response to a viewer who complained about her 'unnatural' looking hair.

A vicious voicemail was left by a caller named Donna complaining about Ortiz's hair after Sunday's WBBJ news bulletin in Tennessee.

"To the weather girl tonight, please don't wear your hair like that again," the caller said.

"It just doesn't look good at all. Change it back to something more normal."

In a passionate response, Ortiz has called out the media industry for "white beauty standards" being pushed on to women of colour.

"The issue with this is that it always targets and pressures women of color to present their hair in ways that are unnatural just for the sake of having their hair look 'professional.'"she said on Facebook.

"For years on end women of color have always been told their hair wasn’t professional or “neat” enough for the work place."

Ortiz, who is of Caribbean descent, said she straightens her hair 90 percent of the time, but had left it natural because of the heat and humidity in Tennessee.

Image: Corallys Ortiz Instagram

She said many viewers had been complimentary of her hair, and many had appreciated the representation she had given to others want to wear their hair in its natural state.

"We’ll focus all day in trying to get a report or forecast in, but to just end up getting criticized for wearing a certain clothing or having a certain hairdo from viewers at the end of the day," she said.

Image: Corallys Ortiz Instagram

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Ortiz has received praise for her wearing her hair unstraightened and her response to critics.

"Personally, I love when you wear your hair natural. It is beautiful. Please don’t give that woman another thought! How dare she leave such a message!!" Rita Hooper replied.

Feature Image: Corallys Ortiz Instagram