Girlfriend Bragged About Convincing Boyfriend To Kill Himself

Shocking texts have revealed Michelle Carter bragged about convincing her boyfriend to kill himself.

In August Michelle Carter was convicted for encouraging her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to kill himself through months of text messages.

Roy's death made international headlines in 2015 when details of the case became public. It was revealed in court that after meeting in 2012 the two communicated almost exclusively via text and online until his suicide in 2014.

Now Roy's mother, Lynn, says she believes her son would still be alive had he not met Carter.

"I think she needs to be held responsible for her actions 'cause she knew exactly what she was doing … she knew exactly what she was doing and what she said," Lynn told CBS 48 Hours.

Conrad Roy and his mother, Lynn. Image: Facebook

Just before Roy tried to kill himself he changed his mind and got out of his pickup truck.

But after a series of text messages from Carter he got back in the car.

Conrad Roy. Image: CBS News

Instead of calling for help for Roy, Carter told her friend Samantha Boardman that he had called her.

Michelle to Samantha: 7/12/2014 | 8:02:12 p.m. He just called me… I heard moaning like someone was in pain and he wouldn't answer when I said his name…

Michelle to Samantha: 7/12/2014 | 8:25:34 p.m.: I think he just killed himself

Months later, Carter bragged to a friend Samantha Boardman that she had convinced Roy to "get back in" to the car.

Michelle to Samantha: 9/15/2014 |8:24:05 p.m.: Sam his death is my fault like honestly I could have stopped him I was on the phone with him and he got out of the car because it was working and he got scared and I f---ng told him to get back in

Carter tried to cover her tracks, asking Roy if he had deleted texts she had sent encouraging him to commit suicide hours before he died.

Conrad Roy's body was found in his pickup truck in a Kmart parking lot in Fairhaven, Mass. Image: Taunton District Court

More than 1000 texts between the two over the months leading up to his death show Carter actively planning how he could kill himself.

On the day of his death, Roy had taken his sisters to the beach.

But Carter had planned how the day would end for him:

Conrad to Michelle: 7/12/2014 | 3:40:35 p.m.: I'm determined

Michelle to Conrad: 7/12/2014 | 3:41:33 p.m.: I'm happy to hear that

Michelle to Conrad: 7/12/2014 | 3:47:18 p.m.: When you get back from the beach, you gotta … do it….

Conrad to Michelle: 7/12/2014 | 4:26:55 p.m.: no more thinking

Michelle to Conrad: 7/12/2014 | 4:26:55 p.m.: Yes, no more thinking you need to just do it...

Michelle Carter listens as ADA Maryclare Flynn makes her opening statement, displaying many texts between Carter and Conrad Roy III, as the trial of Carter proceeds in Bristol County Superior Court in Taunton, MA on Jun. 6, 2017. Image: Getty Images

"I'm not gonna sleep until you're in your car with the generator on," she texted him.

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There is no law in Massachusetts against encouraging suicide, and Carter was found guilty for involuntary manslaughter.

She was convicted for having a "virtual presence" in the car with Roy, a controversial legal theory born in a new digital world.

A judge sentenced Michelle Carter to 30 months in jail, but ruled she would be eligible for probation after 15 months and suspended the rest of her sentence until 2022.

While her defence team appeals her conviction, she has been granted a stay on her jail sentence.

Michelle Carter has not spent a day in prison.

Conrad Roy with his younger sisters, Morgan and Camdyn. Image: Lynn Roy

Lynn is now focused on changing laws to prevent a tragedy like this occurring again.

"I would love one in honor of him. His name: Conrad's Law."

With CBS News and 48 Hours.

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