The Inspiring Story Of Wrestler Born Without Legs

As a child, Zion Clark bounced from foster house to foster house, but one thing stayed constant -- wrestling.

Nineteen-years-ago, Clark was born in Columbus, Ohio, with cadual regression syndrome -- meaning he was born without legs.

He was almost immediately put up for adoption, and was passed from foster home to foster home during his childhood.

Image: Zion Clark

But at age two, Clark found wrestling, and the sport stayed with him through his traumatic childhood.

In his final year at Massillon Washington High School, adoption papers were finally finalised, two years after he found a home with Kimberly Hawkins.

Clark was the subject of a documentary, simply named 'Zion', that documented his final high school wrestling competition.

He didn't win the competition, but his sheer determination brought the crowd to his feet, and was given a standing ovation as he left the mats for the last time.

Clark finished his high school wrestling career at Massillon with a 33-15 win record.

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He is now on the wrestling team at Kent State University, and according the university's website, he ranked eighth in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association at 125lbs.

Clark dreams of becoming a national champion within the next two years.

Feature Image: Zion Clark