Incredible Footage Of Rare Two-Headed Snake Found In America

A two-headed snake with separate brains but a single heart has been discovered in Virginia, USA.

A resident in the Woodbridge district was in her garden earlier this month when she saw the rare Eastern Copperhead snake slithering around her flowerbed.

The woman contacted local authorities and the animal was handed to the Wildlife Centre of Virginia where scientists worked to learn more about the snake's anatomy.

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The snake was examined by a number of wildlife experts including State herpetologist J.D. Kleopfer and the Wildlife Centre's Dr. Ernesto who is apparently a "big fan of venomous snakes".

And yes, both heads are venomous in this case.

The very rare two-headed snake. Image: Wildlife Centre of Virginia.

It was found that the left head is more dominant than the right.

"It’s generally more active and responsive to stimulus," the Wildlife Centre of Virginia said in a statement.

"Radiographs revealed that the two-headed snake has two tracheas [the left one is more developed], two oesophaguses [the right one is more developed], and the two heads share one heart and one set of lungs."

Radiograph image of the snake. Image: JD Kleopfer/Facebook

So, based on what is understood about the anatomy of the snake, it would be better for the right head to eat, but the challenge is the left head is more dominant and might take over.

J.D. Kleopfer posted images of the "exponentially rare" snake on Facebook.

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"Wild bicephalic snakes are exceptionally rare, because they just don’t live that long. Too many challenges living day to day with two heads," Kleopfer wrote.

So, it turns out two heads aren't better than one in the case of this very rare, very creepy two-headed snake.

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