Giant Spiderwebs Envelop A Greek Town Because Who Doesn't Love A Real-Life Nightmare

If you're not a fan of big spiders and even bigger spiderwebs, this is not the story you.

For several days in Aitoliko, western Greece, massive spiderwebs have cloaked the coastal town, because apparently an arachnophobe's biggest nightmare CAN become real life.

The eerie spectacle has shrouded the coastal landscape in what looks like a sprawling white net covering trees, boats and street signs.

They also span several hundred metres, which is just a giant nope from us.

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According to local media, the natural phenomenon caused by Tetragnatha spiders is seasonal, as humid and warm temperatures increase the amount of insects in the area.

Tetragnatha extensa are a species in the Tetragnatha genus believed responsible for this nightmare. Image: Getty

The webs are expected to disappear from the town once temperatures drop, but they may haunt locals' nightmares forever.

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Featured Image: Youtube - Giannis Giannakopoulos