Footage: Reality Show Contestant Beaten Up Live On Camera

A woman competing on Russia's answer to 'Love Island' has been beaten up by a fellow contestant.

Tatiana Blumenkranz, 25, reportedly started attacking Mariana Petria, 24, after she discovered that Petria had gone on a romantic date with her husband.

Secret cameras located around the show's set captured the altercation and the video posted to social media shows Blumenkranz repeatedly kicking Petria as she sits on the ground.

The video shows a woman kicking another woman on the ground repeatedly.

The reality show's main objective is for contestants "to construct a house whilst trying to find a partner in the process", and the couples then compete for the house itself.

In the footage, the female attacker is eventually dragged off in a headlock by the man reported to be her husband.

It's being reported that the man who pulls the woman away in a headlock is her husband.

According to reports, the married couple at the centre of the fight "have a child together but are on the verge of divorce".