Dude, Where's Your Car? Man Caught Driving Jet Ski Down Road

In today's installment of You Can't Drive That Here, a man has been filmed casually driving a jet ski down a US road.

The video, filmed by a passing driver, shows the man travelling down Normandy Boulevard in Westside, Florida.

"That goes in water!" a small child said from the driver's vehicle.

Wearing a black helmet, a singlet and shorts, the man is driving what appears to be the shell of a jet ski over the top of some sort of motorised scooter.

Why? Well, why not?

Australians have proven just as capable of making it from A to B on unconventional vehicles.

In the past four years, at least three Aussies have been caught by police driving motorised eskies on our streets.

One man, caught in south west Sydney in August, told police he was using the esky to get around after losing his licence.

"I ride this everywhere just till I get my licence back," he allegedly told officers.

The motorised esky a man was caught driving in southwestern Sydney. Image: AAP

A Queensland man found himself on thin ice back in 2014 after police intercepted him not only driving an esky but driving it while six times over the legal alcohol limit.

Inside the 'vehicle' was 10 tallies of beer, up to six cans of bourbon and just to make sure no one would question in which country the incident took place, two bags of goon (cask wine).