You Need To See This High School's Senior Year ID Pictures

In further proof that today's school kids are far more creative that the rest of us, an entire senior class in the United States dressed up as characters, celebrities and memes for their school IDs.

Unusually for most high schools, North Farmington High School in Michigan has separate pictures taken for their yearbook and their school IDs, meaning the graduating class could be a little less traditional.

Instead, the students came dressed up as everyone from blonde law student Elle Woods to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's iconic youthful pic in a black turtleneck.

This wasn't your average dress up. This was the work of a generation brought up in online culture where cosplay is mainstream and memes are shared language.

One girl didn't just dress up as Jennifer Aniston's iconic character from Friends; she dressed up as Rachel Green in the pilot episode, still in a wedding dress and trying to explain to her dad that she didn't want to be a hat.

And another girl didn't just dress up as icon Britney Spears, choosing a look from one o ; she dressed as Britney in her iconic 'Dump Him' shirt -- complete with beret and Starbucks coffee -- that ten daily's resident Britney expert tells me is probably circa 2007 after her split with Justin Timberlake, but she's only about 67 percent sure about that.

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As for the rest of them? Here's just a sample: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Colin Sprouse, Hagrid, Princess Leia, Bob Ross, Edna Mode from The Incredibles, crying Kim Kardashian, the clown from It and more memes than a reasonable adult could expect to understand.

Apparently, it's a tradition for this particular high school, with students planning for months. Last year, every single person in the year got involved, and it looks like that tradition is set to continue.

Honestly just some incredible work here. Our hats are off.

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Lead image: Twitter / Alexis Krichevsky