Hundreds Of Dogs Rescued From Florence Flood Waters

Many were found in locked, flooded cages.

Ten beagles have been rescued from certain death after they were released from flooded cages in North Carolina, after deadly Hurricane Florence swept through America's south east over the weekend, leaving devastating flooding in its wake.

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued the beagles from locked cages in Columbus County while rescuing a couple from a trailer.

The dogs were spotted by the rescuers, who carried them to boats, with one describing it as "one of the better rescues" they had performed.

Image: USA Today Network/ CBS News

Had crews arrived a few minutes later, it would have been too late to save the dogs, Coast Guard officials told the USA Today Network.

The latest footage comes after six dogs were rescued by freelance journalist Marcus DiPaola on Monday, after their owner left them in a locked cage that had flooded.

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Meanwhile, dozens of dogs from the Carolinas have found new homes, after they were left at shelters during Hurricane Florence.

The dogs were sent to Washington D.C. before the storm, with more dogs from shelters expected to arrive in the coming days.

Many dogs were left at shelters as their owners evacuated for Hurricane Florence, Executive Director of Lucky Dog Mirah Horowitz told CBS News.

Image: CBS News

"What happens is, people are evacuating they simply don't know what to do with their animals," she said.

"So they leave them to the local shelters on the hope that somehow they will be better off there."

Another 100 animals at the Carteret County Humane Society were rescued from their flooded shelter on Friday.

Featured Image: Getty