Netflix And Krill: Watch This Narwhal Snuggle Up To A Beluga

They've been swimming together for THREE YEARS, GUYS!

Families can come in all shapes and sizes and it looks like the same goes for the animal kingdom.

A narwhal which has been chilling out in the St. Lawrence River -- part of the international boundary between Ontario, Canada and the US state of New York -- with his Beluga whale mates has been spotted for the third year in a row.

The GREMM have compared vision captured of the creature over three years to determine that it is the same narwhal that's been swimming with the pod. Image: GREMM

After monitoring a pod of roughly nine or 10 Beluga whales and their 'adopted' narwhal mate since 2016, the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals (GREMM) have released some amazing drone footage of the creatures just hanging out. And it is SO CUTE.

"It behaves like it was one of the boys," Robert Michaud, the group's president and scientific director told CBC.

Original video: GREMM

The animals swim up alongside each other, rolling and rubbing against each other.

"They are in constant contact with each other," Michaud said told CBC. "It's a like a big social ball of young juveniles that are playing some social, sexual games."

It's suggested that this close behaviour indicates that the belugas have accepted the narwhals completely as one of their own.

We'll leave you with a fun fact as we assume the fetal position: the narwhal 'horn' is actually a tooth.