Vladimir Putin And Chinese President Xi Jinping Have Been Flipping Pancakes Together

Washed down with a shot of vodka, no less.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have put their meetings on hold to make pancakes together.

After talks at an economic forum in the Russian eastern city of Vladivostok on Tuesday, the two leaders donned blue aprons and flipped some traditional pancakes, known as bliny.

They were served with a touch of caviar and washed down with a shot of vodka, with Putin complementing Xi on his "very neat" pancake.

Russia has been strengthening its ties with neighbouring China in recent years as relations with the West have plummeted, due in large part to the Ukraine crisis. 

Trade turnover amounted to US$87 billion last year and is expected to reach US $100 billion this year, Putin told Xi at the forum, saying Russia has a "trusting relationship" with China in "politics, security and defence".

Xi in turn described Putin as his "dear friend", which he attested to the development of the close ties between the countries.

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Cheers between "dear friends". Image: AAP

But, how about those pancakes?

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