Ex-Trump Advisor Claims Alexander Downer Is A Spy In Twitter Rant

George Papadopoulos mocks Downer stockings pic, calls meeting "incredibly suspicious"

Former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos, the man whose loose lips reportedly led to the wide-reaching Russia investigation currently enveloping U.S. politics, has slammed former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer and claimed he was a spy in a wild Twitter rant.

Papadopoulos,  a former foreign policy advisor for Trump's presidential campaign, had a hand in sparking the Russia probe after allegedly telling Downer -- then Australia's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom -- in London in 2016 that Russian officials had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos had allegedly met with people connected to Russian politics.

Downer's involvement led to the FBI opening the investigation, which continues today under special prosecutor Robert Mueller, into Trump and any Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Downer's bizarre involvement in the case led to widespread amusement in both Australia and overseas.

Papadopoulos last week received a lenient sentence after pleading guilty to making false statements to FBI agents in connection to the Russia probe. He has reportedly been cooperating with investigators.

On Tuesday however, he fired up his Twitter account and made claims about Downer, denying he had ever mentioned anything about Russia to the diplomat, and claiming he thought Downer had taped their conversation.

"The notion that Downer randomly reached out to me just to have a gin and tonic is laughable. Some organization or entity sent him to meet me," Papadopoulos tweeted.

"For the sake of our republic and the integrity of this investigation, I think it's time Downer is as exposed as Christoper Steele."

Christopher Steele was the former British spy who compiled the so-called 'Steele dossier' on Trump for Fusion GPS and their client the Democratic National Committee. The dossier alleged Russia had embarrassing or incriminating information about the now-President, including claims about the existence of the so-called "pee tape", or claims Trump had engaged in 'watersports' with sex workers.

ten daily has contacted Papadopoulos for clarification on the allegations against Downer.

Papadopoulos went on to claim Downer had "wanted to meet under incredibly suspicious circumstances", and even referenced the infamous photo of Downer wearing women's stockings, as he tried to cast doubt on the politician's motivations.

"Yet I supposedly told THAT individual about emails. Something I have no recollection ever discussing," he tweeted.

"Would be a very very big problem if British intelligence was weopanized [sic] against an American citizen," Papadopoulos said in the last tweet of eight he posted over a series of hours on Tuesday.