Naked Toddler Rescued From Balcony By 'Hero' Delivery Couriers

The four-year-old had reportedly been left alone at home and managed to unlock a window to crawl outside.

A naked toddler spotted dangling outside a fourth-floor window was pulled to safety by two delivery couriers in a daring Spiderman-like rescue.

Witnesses captured the heart-stopping rescue on video which shows the men using their bare hands to scale several stories of the apartment block before climbing onto the ledge to save the four-year-old in China's Changshu City.

"It was about ten o'clock in the morning when I saw the little girl dangling outside the window, totally naked," a witness told local media after the incident.

"I saw a man got off a vehicle and dashed to the building. He swiftly climbed up to save the child."

The girl, who was found clinging to the bars outside the window, was left alone at home while she slept in the bedroom. It's understood she managed to unlock the window and crawl outside after waking up, Reuters reports.

Her father, who returned home shortly after the rescue, was reportedly given a verbal warning for leaving the child unattended.

"I feel so grateful to the two heroes who saved my kid," he said after the incident.

"I know that it was really dangerous even for the men themselves to climb up so high on the building.”

Earlier this year a former soldier made headlines in China when he scaled an apartment block in another daring rescue which saw him climb to the fifth floor to help a 2-year-old boy clinging to a balcony.

And in May a migrant from Mali was dubbed the "real-life Spiderman" after climbing four-storeys up a Paris building to rescue a child. His heroic effort went viral and he later met with French President Emmanuel Macron who offered him citizenship and a job as a fireman.

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Featured Image: Reuters/China Central Television

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