The World's Weirdest Laws Every Traveller Should Know About

Ignoring some of these could cost you some serious coin.

In truly wild news today, the city of Florence in Italy -- a country famed for its buonissimo food and eating gelato as you walk down cobblestone streets -- has banned eating in public and introduced fines of up to €500 (AU$808)!

Given that it's so popular to pick up a slice of pizza and wander through the town, we thought you should know some other weird laws from around the world that could get you in a spot of trouble.

Thailand's Alcohol Laws

Thailand might be a go-to destination for a cocktail on the beach and some serious relaxation, but here's something you should definitely know: The sale of alcohol is banned between 2pm and 5pm and again between midnight and 11am, seven days a week. Buuuuut, you can still get to a bar for your booze, you just can't buy it in bulk.

Visible Tattoos of Buddha in Sri Lanka

In 2014, a British nurse was arrested at the airport in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo after authorities spotted a tattoo of Buddha on her upper arm. The reason for her arrest was "hurting others' religious feelings" and she was held at an immigration detention camp after a local magistrate ordered her deportation back to the UK.

British tourist Naomi Coleman poses for a photograph to display a tattoo of the Buddha on her upper arm after she was arrested at Sri Lanka's main international airport. Image: Getty
Keep Your Feet On The Pedals In Mexico

If you're planning on a leisurely bike ride the next time you're holidaying in Mexico, this one is for you.

According to a 19th Century law that still stands, you could be arrested for removing your feet from your bike pedals. While it's unlikely you'll actually be arrested, it's worth sticking to for safety reasons...

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Because it doesn't give a f**k about your laws.

That's right, in the small city of Quitman, Georgia, it is illegal to allow a chicken to cross an open road. Well, actually, it's illegal to allow any barnyard animals out on the loose.

We feel like that rule should apply to all animals, but Fried Chicken is sacred in the US South, so maybe they're just protecting dinner?

#CantStopWontStop Image: Getty
Visiting Hellas? Leave The Heels At Home.

We get it, you're in Greece, you want to live out your best ABBA sing-a-long life, and that might include some cute heels for the trip. That's totally fine, guys, you live your best life, unless you're planning on visiting an ancient monument in the country that is basically an entire ancient monument.

In 2009, the Greek government put a ban in place to stop anyone wearing "sharp-soled shoes" from entering ancient sites out of fear that they'd be adding to the wear and tear.

Parthenon? More like Partheno-heels allowed, am I right?! Image: Getty
Don't Hurt Bigfoot Okay?

Look, I don't know how you like to spend your annual leave, but if you're planning on making the trip out to British Columbia to search for Bigfoot, just, don't hurt him, okay?

While there isn't technically a law referring to Bigfoot specifically, the wildlife in BC is the property of the government, so killing the big guy would be stealing.

No Dirty Mags In The Maldives

So say you were getting married and your honeymoon was in the Maldives and then say your future spouse dumped your ass and you decided "f**k it, I'm going on my honeymoon anyway even though I'm single and upset..."

First of all, sorry about that. Second of all, don't take any hard copy porn or sex toys. We know it could get lonely, but the possession and importation of pornographic material (including sex toys) is illegal in the Maldives as it's considered a form of criticising Islam.

Sorry to kill your buzz.

You'll have to stick to lying in a hammock to take the edge off. Image: Getty
Limited Booze In Bolivia

Now this one seems a little sketchy, but reports have said that in La Paz, Bolivia, married women can only order one glass of wine when out at a bar or restaurant.

Apparently, the law exists so that married women don't get too tipsy and start getting their extra-marital flirt on... because men are just totally incapable of that behaviour, right?

Going Al Dente In The Alps

Yeah look, we're not quite sure why you'd want to go hiking in the nude, but as I've said, you do you, boo. However, if you're planning on doing a nice hike in the Alps, keep. your. clothes. on.

In 2009 the ban was introduced after an influx of naked hikers showed up wearing nothing but hiking boots and socks and flashed the locals.

The only peak you should be seeing on your hike is the Matterhorn. Image: Getty

Happy (legal) travels, folks!

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