'Can I Cub With You?' Lion Climbs Into Car With Tourists

Proving Lions are just big cats at heart, this snugly lion decided he wanted to join the tour.

Adventure seekers got more than they bargained for when a young lion decided to hitch a ride with them in Taigan Safari Park in Crimea, Ukraine.

Like any cat, Filya the lion just wanted to be the center of attention, so he decided to jump in the golf cart with tourists whether he was welcome or not.

Smooching the seats and pushing the driver out of the vehicle, Filya didn’t understand what the problem was and he tried his best to snuggle up for a cuddle.

Image: Taigan Safari Park

As the old feline saying goes, "If I fits, I sits.”

Except, he didn't fit.

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Image: Taigan Safari Park

Even after being escorted from the car, Filya was not going to give up that easily and attempted to pounce back in.

The shocked tourists seemed pretty amused by the fun. Luckily they met an affectionate lion. Just weeks ago a woman was hurt by a different lion at the park, known for getting up close and personal to curious tourists.

And he didn’t forget to leave the international cat calling card -- fur, everywhere.

Nice one Filya.

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