Mystery Woman Who Rang Doorbell In Shackles Found

Residents were woken in the middle of the night by a woman who rang their doorbell.

A US resident was woken at about 3.20am on August 24 by their doorbell ringing.

When they reviewed their surveillance footage it was confirmed that someone had been at their home.

Police in Montgomery, Texas are now investigating the event as a suspicious incident. Some residents in the state have suggested the woman in the video could have been a missing person from the area. People started handing out flyers with images of the woman in an attempt to find her.

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Detectives are searching for the mystery woman. Image: Montgomery Police.

Detectives have reviewed the flyers and missing persons cases in the area and have concluded that the none of the area reports match the woman in the video.

Police have also completed door-to-door checks and interviews of both residents and businesses as they try to gather information.

But officials have now said they have identified the woman who had rung doorbells at a number of houses before disappearing.

Police said during a press conference that her identity was revealed police has found a 49-year-old man dead during a welfare check.

Police said she is now with family and would not be identifying her publicly.

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