Trump Struggles To Use Speakerphone In Excruciating 60-Second Video

"Enrique? Helloooo?"

In what can only be described as an excruciating display of low-risk incompetency, US President Donald Trump attempted to use a speakerphone on live television and failed.

Sitting as his desk in the Oval Office, Trump attempted to get Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto on speakerphone in front of a crowd of reporters to discuss a new trade deal between the two counties.

The phone call was made in front of a room full of reporters and broadcast live on CBS. And, rather unfortunately, it didn't go all that smoothly.

"Enrique?" asks Trump, pressing a button on his phone. Silence.

The sound of cameras snapping pictures fills the room.

"You can hook him up," he tells someone off camera. "Just tell me when."

More cameras. "Are we in? It's a big thing. Lotta people waiting." An accented, muffled voice is heard from the phone. Trump tries again. "Helloooo?"

Finally, after 50-seconds or so, a staffer comes into frame and presses a few buttons. The voice on the other end is suddenly loud and clear.

"President Trump."

In almost no time at all, someone put the footage of the awkward phone call to Veep's closing credits, "just as an experiment."

Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus herself responded: "The experiment is a success."

The call was in regards to a preliminary deal to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which Trump had previously heralded as "a big deal!".

Bizarrely enough, the phone call ended on an equally strange note: Trump telling the Mexican president that "a hug from you will be very nice." Normal geopolitical stuff.