Watch This New Video And Tell Us If Melania Trump Is Using A Body Double

Will the real Melania please stand up?

New footage of US First Lady has reignited rumours of a "fake" Melania Trump body double who, in the opinion of conspiracy believers, looks and acts differently from the real deal.

Conspiracy theorists have carefully dissected the video, which shows Donald Trump and his wife boarding Air Force One on August 24, and have again come to the conclusion a Melania body double is accompanying the President.

Viewers were quick to point out differences in Trump's appearance, including her hair, facial structure and even a change of wardrobe, all of which appeared from the time she boarded the flight to when she disembarked.

"Hair colour and hair parting wrong, blouse wrong, jacket collar wong, logo on sunglasses missing on double," one Twitter user commented.

"It defo ain't her."

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Many believers even claimed the alleged body double is noticeably larger than the First Lady.

"If it's her then she put on 10lbs & changed shirt on flight," a comment read.

As well as noticing physical disparities, however, many viewers picked up on differences in the 48-year-old's body language and demeanor, specifically the way she walked and an uncharacteristically confident hand shake.

"I can’t tell necessarily from her face, however, the speed with which this person raises her hand to shake these two other people is not how Melania shakes hands. She’s timid and slower. She doesn’t initiate. This person did," one user posted.

"I hate agreeing with a conspiracy theory, but this person walks differently. Person here walks with her arms brushing her hips all the time. MT doesn't do that, she walks with arms away from hips," another comment read.

Theories surrounding Melania Trump have existed for almost as long as her husband has been in the White House and were only fueled earlier this year when she completely disappeared from the public eye for 26 days.

Despite his efforts, Donald Trump hasn't exactly succeeded in helping the couple's situation either.

From spelling his wife's name wrong in a Tweet to very literally forgetting she was standing right next to him while addressing first responders in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Florida, Trump hasn't nailed speaking normally about his wife.

"Melania really wanted to be with us, it's really touched her heart," he said, despite the fact that she was less than two feet away.

Reasons why FLOTUS would need to use a body double are as varied as Trump conspiracy theories themselves, and include a rift between the pair, popping out of the public eye to recover from cosmetic surgery or as an added security measure.

So, is it her?

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