CCTV Captures The Horrifying Moment The Genoa Bridge Collapsed

Italian police have released CCTV footage of the moment the motorway in Genoa collapsed, killing 43 people.

On September 14 a busy motorway in Genoa Italy collapsed killing 43 people and injuring dozens.

The bridge linking the Italian city of Genoa to southern France gave way during heavy rain and dozens of cars plunged 50 metres into the ruble below.

Italian police have now released CCTV vision capturing the horrifying moment the bridge collapsed.

Filmed from two different angles, the heavy rain can be seen pouring down as unsuspecting drivers go about their usual routine.

Image: Reuters

In a terrifying moment, just seconds after the dust begins to clear, a person can be seen climbing out from the rubble and running to safety.

It took a team of 400 rescue workers almost a week to recover the bodies of those who perished in the disaster and authorities are still working to investigate what caused the bridge,built in 1967, to collapse.

A highway bridge has partially collapsed near Genoa, Italy. Image: AAP

The company managing the bridge Autostrade, is now bearing the fallout after Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvinis told Reuters the private sector managing the bridge had earned "billions" from tolls but "did not spend the money they were supposed to" to maintain the bridge.

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