Incredible Rescue of Trapped Whale By Chilean Navy

Divers swam along side the whale while cutting the net off.

A whale trapped in tangled fishing nets has been rescued after a combined effort by the Chilean Navy.

The crew of a small ship in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region spotted a whale paralysed in a fishing net on Monday and put the call out over the radio to help rescue the Finned Cetacean Whale.

The Chilean Navy answered the call and the Alacalufe General Service boat led a convoy of Navy boats on the three-and-half hour trip to the site off the coast of Puerto Williams, where the whale was trapped.

Image: Reuters

After combining efforts with Chile's Maritime Authority, the Armada De Chile started to coordinate the dangerous rescue of the four metre long whale.

Brave divers took turns swimming along side the mammal and used knives to cut the tangled net from the whale.

In just over and hour, the whale was free and managed to swim away.

The Chilean Navy posted the incredible vision to social media to show just how badly the whale was trapped by the fishing net.

The tweet translates to:

"Armada rescued cetacean entangled in fishing gear. The animal of about four meters long was entangled in fishing gear of the spider crab Resort near the Goree Pass, in Puerto Williams."

The rescue has drawn attention to fisherman discarding their nets in the surrounding waters and led the Chilean Maritime Authority to call on locals to be more careful.

Image: Reuters