Open-Design, Compost Urinals Leave Parisians With A Potty Problem

From Paris chic to Paris cheek.

A new eco-friendly initiative is causing quite a stink in Paris, with local residents peeved at the installation of four completely exposed public urinals in the French capital.

The contraptions, which consist of a box with an open front, come equipped with a floral display as well as straw which transforms into compost for use in parks and gardens.

The bright red "Uritrottoirs" are being spruiked by their designer as 'odourless' and an "eco solution to public peeing", but locals aren't buying it and have since released a steady stream of complaints.

Many are claiming the urinals are putting a (yellow) stain on the city, with one of the contraptions installed on the Ile Saint-Louis -- near Notre Dame --  in full-frontal view of the river Seine and its many passing tourist boats.

france urinal
Loo with a view. Source: Getty Images

“There’s no need to put something so immodest and ugly in such an historic spot,” local store owner Paola Pellizzari told Reuters.

“It’s beside the most beautiful townhouse on the island, the Hotel de Lauzun, where Baudelaire lived,” she said, referring to the 19th-century French poet.

Others have slammed the urinals as 'sexist' with a member of the French feminist group Femmes Solidaires telling Reuters: "men cannot control themselves (from the bladder point of view) and so all of society has to adapt.

“It’s absurd, no one needs to urinate in the street.”

Paris urinal
Paris has a potty problem. Source: Getty Images

Local mayor Ariel Weil heralded the urinals as "an invention of genius" but admitted on Tuesday that the particular installation on the Ile Saint-Louis will likely be moved several metres after complaints from locals.

Earlier this month the city of Paris upgraded its existing 400 closed public toilets with more modern, free and accessible facilities, however it's understood a fifth Uritrottoir will be rolled out in the city soon.

With Reuters. Featured Image: Getty.