The Grim Reaper Killed Luigi And Now We Are Left With His Lifeless Corpse

But Nintendo wants you to know 'Luigi is okay'.

Plumber and ghost hunter Luigi has been killed by the Grim Reaper in the most shocking death in an official Nintendo video.

He was just 35.

The latest trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate shows Luigi creeping around an abandoned castle before being killed in a seemingly unprovoked attack by none other than the Grim Reaper.

The reaper uses a sickle-like weapon to slash Luigi's chest open, removing his soul from his body. His spirit then floats around the room, before pausing above his lifeless corpse that is lying on the floor. Then, the spirit appears to fade back into his body. The scene ends. And that's it.


Well, the shocking sequence of events saw many fans of Luigi outraged by his death.

Amid the heartbreak and the devastation however, there was a single beacon of hope coming from Nintendo themselves. Following the event they wanted to assure fans that Luigi is okay. Literally, in those words and nothing else.

People weren't thrilled with that 'reassurance' either.

That's just it, we don't know if these horrible things are true. And so soon after Mario.

It's just not fair.

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