Couple Jailed For Sexual Abusing And Selling Son To Pedophiles

The couple allowed the woman's son to be raped and abused by men they found online.

What you need to know
  • A German couple has been handed a lengthy jail sentence for repeatedly sexually abusing the woman's young son
  • The now 10-year old boy was also sold online to pedophiles in a period spanning more than two years.
  • Six others have been charged in relation to the case

A German mother and her partner will spend more than a decade in jail after admitting to repeatedly sexually abusing the woman's now 10-year-old son and selling him on the 'dark net' to pedophiles.

The 48-year-old mother was sentenced to 12 years and six months jail by a court in Freiburg in southern Germany for the horrific crimes which spanned several years.

Her 39-year-old partner, who has a previous child abuse conviction, was given a 12-year sentence followed by preventative detention after serving out his term.

During their trial the man admitted he was the "driving force" behind the crimes which spanned a 100-page charge sheet.

German couple jailed
The pair have been on trial since June. Source: Getty Images

He also claimed he put pressure on his partner to allow her son to be raped and abused by men they found online.

The couple admitted to selling the boy for more than two years on the dark web -- a part of the internet that is only accessible through the use of a specific software.

The case has shocked and horrified Germany and local authorities are now being accused of failing to protect the boy who was removed from the couple once last year, but returned to the pair just weeks later.

Six other offenders have also been jailed in relation to the case, including a 33-year-old Spanish national who received a 10-year sentence after admitting he raped the boy on at least 15 occasions and had paid the couple more than 10,000 euros.

Spanish national jailed
A Spanish national will spend a decade in jail after admitting to paying the couple for the boy and raping him on numerous occasions. Source: Getty Images

The court also ordered the couple to pay 42,500 euros in damages to the boy and a young girl, who was another victim in the case.

The boy is now believed to be living with a foster family.

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