Tourist Racks Up $72,000 Worth Of Speeding Fines In Four Hours

And he did it while driving a rented Lamborghini.

Holidays are expensive at the best of times but one British tourist is sure to have blown his budget during his latest trip to Dubai.

Between the hours of 2.30 am and 6 am on July 31st the man accumulated $72,000 AUD (Dh70,000) worth of speeding fines for driving 240km/h down one of Dubai's busiest highways-- Sheikh Zayed Road.

The very busy Sheikh Zayed Road. Image: Getty Images.

The tourist was driving a Lamborghini Huracan when he triggered almost every speed camera long the road.

Mohammed Ibrahim, the owner of the car rental company from which the Lamborghini was rented, said there are no clear procedures in place to protect a business owner in such extreme circumstances.

Normally, the fees are charged to the registered owner of the car, which would be Ibrahim, as the driver was a tourist. The rental company therefore, hasn't claimed the car back because once they do so, they are be liable to pay the fees.

The tourist was driving a Lamborghini Huracan when he racked up all the fines.  Image: Getty Images.

So technically, the tourist is free to leave the country and fees behind, however there is just one problem.

Ibrahim told local media that the tourist left his passport as the guarantee for the vehicle when he rented the car and since the company hasn't claimed the car back, he hasn't received his passport in return.

Naturally, a lack of passport would make leaving the county particularly difficult.

The rental company is concerned he could go to an embassy and claim he lost his passport so he can travel home.

“I will have to pay a huge sum if I decide to initiate a case against the tourist,” Ibrahim told the Khaleej Times.

“Also, the tourist could travel back to his home country before the case is resolved.”