Police, Fire Heads Fired After Greek Blaze

The death toll from the devastating fire has now reached 91.

What you need to know
  • The heads of the national police and fire services in Greece have been sacked after the deadly fire in Athens last month
  • The announcement comes a day after the country's public order minister resigned
  • The death toll from the blaze has reached 91

Greece has announced the chiefs of the national police and fire service have been fired and replaced by their deputies in the wake of the deadly forest fire that claimed 91 lives near Athens.

The dismissed chief of Hellenic Police, Constantine Tsouvalas, had been in the post since February 2016, while Sotiris Terzoudis had been the head of the Hellenic Fire Service since February of this year.

Firefighters battle with the deadly wild fire in Greece last month. Image Source: VALERIE GACHE/AFP/Getty Images

The changes came a day after Greece's public order minister, Nikos Toskas, resigned. Interior Minister Panos Skourletis took over Toskas' duties overseeing Greece's security services.

The death toll from the July 23 fire rose to at least 91 after the weekend deaths of a 55-year-old woman, an 85-year-old man and a 95-year-old woman, all with extensive burns.

Greece Fire
Source: Reuters

Authorities said 36 people, including one minor, remained hospitalised, six of them in critical condition.

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