Ferrero Rocher Is Hiring 60 Taste Testers And How Do We Apply?

No qualifications necessary? Ferrer-oh my god yes, please.

In case you're searching for your calling in life, we're very pleased to inform you that Ferrero Rocher, the maker of Nutella, is currently looking for 60 people to take up the job of "sensory judges".

The Local is reporting that it's the first time the company is hiring non-professionals to taste their products even making sure to specify that you don't need any prior qualifications to get this gig... oh except no allergies (check!) and able to use a computer (check check!)

The job posting calls for 60 people who "would like to learn how to taste cocoa, hazelnuts and other sweets" and oh my god who actually needs to "learn" that stuff!?

For the successful candidates, the training course starts in September to "hone their sense of smell and improve their ability to describe what you feel when you taste the products".

The program runs for three months so,  pack your bags because you'll also be relocating to Alba, in Italy, for your troubles.

In case you're genuinely keen on a major sea-change and possibly developing a hatred for chocolate because you've consumed too much of it -- here's the email to send your resume to with the subject "ALB01":

Featured Image: Getty / Emojipedia