Reports Of An Explosion Outside US Embassy In Beijing

Footage from the scene shows plumes of smoke rising from the streets.

UPDATE: The US Embassy has confirmed that one person has been injured -- the suspected bomber..

There are multiple reports of a large explosion outside the US Embassy in Beijing, China.

The US Embassy confirmed that one individual detonated a bomb at about 1pm local time, injuring themselves.

There are no other reports of injuries.

It is not yet clear what caused the explosion. Radio Free Asia cites an eye witness who says a man intended to throw a homemade explosive device at the embassy, but that it exploded.

Reuters reports that Chinese authorities suspect the explosion was caused by a firework device, while earlier, state media reported that police stopped a woman self-immolating in front of the embassy, but it is not clear if this and the explosion are related.

Footage posted to social media shows plumes of smoke in the aftermath of the explosion, as people around look on in concern.

One video appears to show a body on the ground, with a blanket over it.

Paramilitary policemen have sealed off the road leading to the embassy.

Eyewitnesses say online a fire or possible explosion has taken place outside the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. Photo: AP.

Meanwhile, there are reports that people have already begun lining up outside the embassy again.