The 4 Words Trump Had Written On His Notes In Bold But Didn't Read Out

Trump's back flipped on his support for Russia, except he really hasn't.

He's a serial back flipper and now Donald Trump has done it again.

After arriving home from his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump spoke to reporters at the White House, where he retracted his comments about Russian collusion in the U.S. 2016 Presidential election.

He had a series of printed pages, some with black lines and notes written on with thick marker. Trump blamed his comments on a simple slip-of-the-tongue and emphasised that he accepted information from intelligence groups that Russia had in fact interfered in the 2016 election.

He's crossed out something there. Image: Getty Images

But his handwritten notes said something else. In fact, on page two the words 'There was no collusion' were written in black.

Well, then.

Did Trump just back flip on his back flip?

The note appeared on the same page where Trump claimed he misspoke when standing alongside Putin.

Trump claims that he meant to say there was no reason Russia "wouldn't be" involved, rather than no reason they "would be" involved.

There's definitley something there about a tax cut. Image: Getty Images.

At the joint media conference in Helsinki, Trump said that he had no reason to believe American intelligence agencies over the word of Putin himself.

"President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today," Trump told reporters.

Unsurprisingly, bipartisan backlash is what met Trump when he arrived back in America. Even his own supporters labelled his comments 'treasonous' and the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan wasted no time in reiterating that Russia is not an ally of the U.S.