All The Times Trump Royally Screwed Up During His UK Visit

A Royal faux pas and a lack of geography knowledge sum up President Trump's visit to the United Kingdom.

Where U.S. President Donald Trump goes, controversy follows.

In a whirlwind four day visit to the U.K., Trump met with the Queen and Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss Brexit and ongoing relations between the countries.

It was his actions and comments that made just as many headlines as the business nature of the visit.

Prime Minister Theresa May and U.S. President Donald Trump hold a joint press conference. Image: Getty Images
The Royal Faux Pas

Trump made headlines for disobeying royal protocol when he met with the Queen on Friday for afternoon tea.

The President was 12 minutes late to the meeting, and for a country fiercely protective of their monarch it went downhill fast.

Image: The Deep Left Facebook

The President was also savaged online after he appeared to cut off Her Majesty and then walk in front of her as the pair inspected the guards.

Trump also broke protocol by revealing what they had discussed during their afternoon tea.

President Trump Walks Infront Of The Queen
Trump's Views On Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May has not had a good week -- two Conservative Party members resigned and her Brexit-deal brokering was not going to plan.

The President gave his take on Brexit, and May revealed all during an appearance on the BBC.

"He told me I should sue the EU - not go into negotiations," she said.
The Interview With Piers Morgan

Controversial personality Piers Morgan met with the President on Air Force One for a one-on-one interview.

Fun fact: Trump follows just one British person on Twitter --  Piers Morgan.

Morgan revealed that Trump planned on running for the Presidency again in 2020.

Trump Doesn't Doesn't Understand Geography

Apparently the President had not worked out the difference between England and the United Kingdom.

“You don’t hear the word ‘England’ as much as you should. I miss the name England,” he said speaking to The Sun.

"I think England is a beautiful name. And you don’t hear it very much anymore.

"But (the football team at the World Cup is) playing as ‘England.’ That’s very interesting. That’s good.”

England, Scotland and Wales all play as individual countries under FIFA rules, because they are individual countries.

He also made similar comments to Morgan during their interview.

‘We would make a great deal with the United Kingdom because they have product that we like,” Trump said.

"They make phenomenal things, you know, and you have different names – you can say ‘England’, you can say ‘UK’, you can say ‘United Kingdom’ … the fact is you make great product, you make great things."

For those playing at home, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland make up the U.K. and Northern Ireland.  Image: Getty Images
Even The White House Doesn't Know What The UK Is

In a now deleted tweet, the official White House Twitter account announced on Friday the President was 'departing the United Kingdom'.

Only problem, Trump wasn't leaving, he was flying to Scotland -- which was still very much in the U.K.

Image: The White House Twitter
Britons Protest As Only They Can

Tens of thousands took to the streets of London to protest against the President as he met with the Queen.

While there was a seriousness to their protests, many of the signs have gone viral for their sarcastic and hilarious nature.

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The protests began at the BBC headquarters in London where thousands had turned out for the Women's March London. Hours later many protesters joined the main Together Against Trump march which took over the streets of London.

Thousands also converged on the streets of Edinburgh as the President stopped in Scotland for a round of golf.